Dog Wick: John wicks Dog

Description: A hilarious fan made trailer that re-imagines of the original John Wick movie, with John Wick dying and his dog setting out for vengeance. Dog Wick is Directed by Clinton Jones and Freddie Wong Produced by Ashim Ahuja Written By Clinton Jones and Freddie Wong Music by Maxton Waller Cast Brett Driver, Scout, Robert Sisko, Nick Krawiec, Jay Kwon, Tony Sre, and Robert Dill Website/Social Media RocketJump

Detail: Our Verdict Dog Wick is a minute and a half of magic for everyone who shed a tear when John Wickís dog died in the first movie. The editing, visual FX and writing are all very well done and little Dog Wick is absolutely adorable (and deadly). Itís packed with so many gags that you have to watch it a few times to appreciate it all and there are some truly hilarious moment. Forget John Wick, this dog deserves his own movie!

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