Alien: Infestation (Part 1)

Description: Our Verdict Despite it being a very different setting, Alien: Infestation feels like a welcome return to what made the original Alien movie so terrifying. There are no Pulse Rifles and gung-ho space soldiers here – just a lone woman attempting to escape from a terrifying alien monster. The acting is excellent and the xenomopth looks just as terrifying as it is in the original movies. It’d be interesting to find out exactly why Weyalnd Yutani decided to lock an alien in an apartment block though. Be sure to check out Alien: infestation – Part 2 for more!

Detail: An Alien fan film which sees a young woman attempting to escape from a Xenomorph that’s stalking her apartment building (Be sure to turn on the subtitles). Alien: Infestation is Directed by Martin Leon Lindstedt Produced by Martin Leon Lindstedt Cast Martina Bjare, Martin Scensson, Torbjorn Lindstedt, Rickard Gronvall Website/Social Media BTBmedia

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