Galactic Batlles

Description: This Fan Film combines the universes and characters of Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, and Halo in one epic battle. Don't forget to watch till the VERY end!

Detail: Behind the scenes here: The budget was around $2000 for costumes and crew catering, otherwise this is a 100% passion project. We will release a behind the scenes/making of video soon! Thanks to all who supported this. Starring the original voice of Commander Shepard, Mark Meer Original Music composed by Jose Pavli: All characters, locations, and names are property of their respective copyright holders. No profit was or will be made. This is a group open source fan project made for fun by VFX and film artists around the world. Galactic Battles was made as an educational exercise of collaboration and mentoring.

Tags:test, flv, star wars, startrek, halo